Our alpacas are bred for their wool. Alpacas are shorn in late spring so they can withstand the summer heat. Once the fiber has been recovered, we will clean it by hand to remove all the weeds, a long job that requires several hours, even several days!

Then comes the transformation process: carding, spinning, washing, ball of wool, felt, quilted quilt and knitting. All our wool is transformed on site.

The qualities of alpaca wool: very fine (between 16 and 25 micron), 7 times warmer than that of a sheep, does not sting, thermoregulatory, hypoallergenic, resistant and natural impermeability.

At the Domaine de la Calprade, we manufacture made-to-measure items on demand and we have developed unique products such as a quilted quilt-style baby sleeping bag.You will find in the shop all our products and we remain at your disposal for any other tailor-made request.


Billy the Kid is there for fun and he keeps company with Chi, the male alpaca who is apart from the females for their tranquility!

the pony

Coquine is also there for fun, she helps the alpacas mow their fields! They can't do it alone!


We have a family breeding of Shetland Sheepdogs. They all live with us at home.

This little sheepdog is a ball of love, a pot of glue always up for new adventures even if at first he can be suspicious.

He has a size that goes everywhere (between 36 and 40 cm and between 6 and 10 kg) but he knows how to be respected by the sheep in the herds when he is used for work. He is also excellent for agility, research, mediation… the perfect dog!